Monday, August 18, 2008

The 8km Challenge

a few months back my boyfriend challenged me to an 8km run in Galway on 9th August. i accepted not thinking that it would come to fruition... oh how wrong i was!! while he was out 2-3 evenings a week training in the park i was relisihing the quiet time at home and telling myself i'd get around to the training... eventually!!! the closer it got to the race the worse the weather got & the less inclined i was to go out training. my yoga classes were even on a summer break so i was getting very little exercise and being pretty lazy all round! the weekend of the race arrived and i was a bit worried but didn't panic... i thought that he would tire himself out pretty early in the race & that would give me time to catch up with him... unfortunately that didn't happen & he beat me - not surprisingly - but only by 5 minutes!!! his jaw dropped as i came around the corner - he thought i would have to walk half of it - ha ha in your face boyfriend:P so here's a few pics of me looking like a spanner but having fun:)

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