Friday, September 26, 2008


Horray it's Friday... here's to a brilliant weekend:)
Blast from the past for today is ANIMANIACS!!!! Remember hurrying home from school to see Wakko, Yakko & Dot run around like eejits on the TV for 30mins with all their friends like Slappy Squirrel, Elmira, Pinky & the Brain.... oh 90's cartoons - what happened to you?!?!?!

So i started my Dressmaking class last night in Marino college.... it's like being back at school, we start when the bell goes at 7.30, the class is held in a Home Ec room with the smell from the Mexican cooking coming in through the vents from the room next door (YUMMY!), the teacher walks around with her glasses on the end of her nose and says things like "interesting choice of pattern" which makes me thinks "uh-oh what does she really mean by that?" and "so why did you so that with the material?" which i reply "Em, it seemed like a good idea at the time!!!" After cutting out all my pieces wrong the 1st time (thanks alot 1960's size 12 pattern - where were girls hips in those days??? did they get them amputated at birth????) i eventually got it right so here's to a fun-filled weekend of sewing my altered pattern and then figuring out next week why my US size 6 waistcoat is NOT a UK size 10 and would fit twice around Finn McCool!!!!!!
Aside from my skill-less qualities i really enjoyed my 1st night and hope to get to know my class mates a bit better in the coming weeks:) I have a feeling the "Kevin Bacon 6-degrees of separation" will turn into "the Irish 3-degrees of separation" and prove my point!!

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  1. lyndi! SHIT! i meant to bookmark you ages ago! i'm so glad you commented on my whinefest, otherwise my detached and scattered brain never would have caught it. now i have catching up to do after work!

    and i LOVE then animaniacs. used to race home, yes indeed. made sure i had 2 pop tarts (blueberry or strawberry) to go with them. i met the voice of yakko here in LA and to me it was like meeting the pope.