Monday, September 8, 2008


aren't Monday mornings so depressing? a whole week of work ahead, 5 whole days until the weekend!!! BOOO HISSSSS!!! taking matters into my own hands i've decided to cheer myself up with this photo... confused?? ok... it's my inspiration for a productive week of sewing - i have 5 whole days to produce something wearable to add to my wardrobe - i have 5 whole days to hone my sewing skills to prove that it wasn't a bad idea to sign up for the "improvers & alterations" night course instead of the "beginners (sewing for dummies)" class... its ON:) this is a dress i made for my birthday in february - i had just purchased my sewing machine and my sewing skills were very rusty (out of use for a decade or so!!) and this is what i came up with.... i can do this, hopefully!!!! :) ***HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE - HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK***

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