Friday, October 10, 2008


yes i have been away for a while - i eventually got struck down with the cold & spend 3 days in bed hibernating:( but now i'm back - not feeling 100% yet but on the way there!!

i had my 3rd sewing class last night and it was great.... i finally learned how to sew a zip PROPERLY!!!! all of my half-arsed attempts in the past pale in comparison to the coolness of my latest endeavor... have a look at this:

isn't is fantastic??? i'm SO proud and delighted with it:):):):)

here is a pic of sewing class project # 1... a 60's style shift dress... very simple but a test of various skills... zips (conquered!!), adding lining, neat edges... & most of all... making something i will wear!!! its obviously not finished yet, but i'm hoping that one more class will more or less do it... then i'll post some proper pics... me wearing it:)

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