Monday, October 13, 2008


my boyfriend D celebrates his birthday today (he's 31!!!)... awwwwwwwww!!! i organised a birthday surprise for him this weekend.... we went on a roadtrip to Co. Antrim to see the Giants Causeway!!! we drove all the way up the northeastern coast along the scenic route to the north coast of Ireland (A to B on map)... it was soooo beautiful:) we stopped along the way for a picnic (which i had packed without him knowing!) after veering off beaten track & realising we were on the the opposite site of a peninsula to where we were meant to be!!!

we also took a trip out to the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge... ohhh scary!!! i have to say my heart was in my mouth walking across it - and we had beautiful calm weather - i don't know how the fishermen did it years ago in stormy weather & high winds!!!

The Giants Causeway was fantastic:) i am embarassed to say that i have never been to it before & i only grew up a few hours down the road!!! but i am so glad we went this weekend - the weather was great, the sea was calm & the view was amazing:)

we stayed in a hotel in Coleraine (C on the map) - it was pretty basic but within my price range so that was cool. we had dinner in the restaurant saturday night (YUMMY - i had bell peppers stuffed with chilli veg & garlic fries!!) and we sat up at the bar and drank the night away... it was SO much fun:)

after a yum greasy brekkie (potato bread really is a northern thing!) we set off again. we headed south towards Dublin and home... but not before we stopped in the Banbridge discount outlet for a bit of sunday shopping... who let me loose with my credit card in the Vans shop?!?!?! WOW it was a treat:)


  1. wow, that is all just gorgeous. are the huge formations in the first pic part of the giant's causeway?

  2. yes they are... aren't they cool? check out this site for more info and pics...