Wednesday, October 1, 2008


wow i can't believe it's the 1st october already!!! it's the beginning of the last month of our autumn season here in ireland... it's fresh & crisp outside & there's that bite in the air that means it's time to wear that extra layer! today i feel like pants:( i've been coming down with the flu for the past 2 days (thanks alot boyfriend!!!) but today it hit me full force! i've thought i had caught it in time with my echinacea drops and lozenges but i think i may have been a little too late:( i'm sitting at my desk sneezing and coughing with a nose like Rudolph - ugh i hate being sick!!! i can't wait to go home to bed.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:P

sewing-wise i haven't been too busy making things but i have been doing alot of thinking as to what i would like to make!! over the weekend i altered this mini ruffled skirt i bought in penny's for €3 on a bargain rail. it was a size 16 and the zip was broken but with a bit of love and stitching it fits like a glove & is really cute:)

I really am a sucker for the bargain rail in penny's.... all those bargains, all that material, the potential!!!! i bought the dress below for €3 too.

my plan was to make a skirt out of it (the check material as a dress was a bit of an overload!)... unfortunately at the last minute just as i was fitting it on for the last time the zip broke & in a fit of rage i tossed it in the corner..... on sunday i found it again & thought "maybe you were never meant to be a skirt" so i made this for my bedroom as i have no locker beside my bed for my stuff (excuse the plastic & paper on the bed - we've just moved in)- isn't it cool:)

material scraps really are the business... sooooooo much possibility!!! i took into sorting out my scraps box last night (whew!) and divided it into 3 categories:

>10cm2 & useful for other projects like tote bags?:

~10cm2 quilting squares:

and <10cm, not too sure what to do with these, but i'm sute i'll come up with something!

also, look at the total bargain i picked up when myself & my sister E were 2nd hand shopping on Saturday, Disney curtains, €6 for the pair, brilliant:)

but i have to say, hand on heart, that the BARGAIN OF THE WEEK goes to our new teapot!!! €2.50 for this wonderful (massive) teapot we found in Enable Ireland's shop on Camden St.... fantastic!! Tea anyone??? :P

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