Wednesday, November 19, 2008


i'd say by now poor D's head is wrecked with the click, click, click of my knitting needles... i even knit in bed (it relaxes me after a tough day at work!!)

this is my current project... it's a simple scarf.

it's 25cm wide & 45cm long... so far!

i decided to make it unique, so i'm knitting panels of ~10cm with plain on one side & purl on the other. it's turning out pretty cool, i hope the recipient likes it for Xmas:)
i'm off now for some more clicking,
love Lyndi**


  1. Hi lyndi, it's awesome. I tried to knit but it failed. hahaa..

    by the way, I've noticed that you have my blog at your Blog Roll, the name is Little Sweet Hearts, no Little Sweehearts.. I'm such a dumb, I wrote it wrong so when people save it, it came with the wrong name. Sorry.. and thanks =)