Sunday, January 18, 2009


It was a while in the making but i eventually finished my mum's blouse!

me & my mum... doesn't she look chuffed?!

Materials: flower print cotton lawn & frog closures.

Pattern: Sew U by Wendy Mullin, Chapter 7: shirt

Alterations: no sleeves, added ~4 inches to the length, collar stand, frog closures (no buttonholes)

small square pockets on the front

collar stand... oriental style

frog closures... sorry for picture quality!
I visited my folks this weekend - i decided to raid my mum's knitting pattern collection & get some helpful tips from the expert (she's a legend... sewing, knitting, being the best mum in the world... there's nothing she can't do) :)
I borrowed the patterns below & as you can see i've started a project already... it's a surprise but i'll keep you updated on my progress... it may be slow as i'm only starting to knit again after about 10 years... but i am excited about it!!!

selection of vintage sewing patterns

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