Monday, March 30, 2009


i spent ages sewing this pretty basic skirt... only to find it doesn't fit me:(
it's fully lined with a side zip (which i've already changed once), front & back pleats & a black ribbon on the waistband.
it's the long weekend & i have an itching to sew... so maybe it will fit by monday!!!
know anyone who wants a new tulip skirt... possibly size 8???

Marie tulip skirt pattern from Burdstyle

black ribbon on the waistband

pleats on the front


  1. About that skirt pattern...I suspect that it, along with several/many of the other patterns, are more than a few cm's short of perfection where size is concerned. This is why I keep encouraging (aka: nagging) BS to proofread all patterns for trouble spots and warning the members. Not going to happen any time soon, methinks. Nehmah

  2. From Nehmah: I read your post and just thought I'd mention that the trouble may well be with the original pattern. It would seem to be a few cm's short of a meter, in dimensions. You are not the first to post a similar outcome. It takes some real tweaking to get their version of a size and what the tape measure records, turned into a usable garment. No proofreading, I suspect. If you think you have read this before, it's because my 1st post/comment disappeared. Gone to the dead e-mail office in VR.