Friday, April 3, 2009


recession my bum!!!
have fun withouit breaking out the credit card:)

1. The Odessa restaurant on Dame Court in the city centre has announced a new 'Fivers' menu. It is offering a range of tempting dishes for no more than €5 each!! Bring your friends, mix & match & enjoy!!

2. Is the upkeep of your hairstyle setting you back a packet? Fear not for the students of Robert Chambers School of Hairdressing are here to rescue you. Open Monday to Friday & taking 2 sittings a day (one at 10am & one at 2pm) they reside on the top floor of the hairdressers building on Grafton Street and are waiting to tend to your tresses. With prices ranging from €20 for a wash, cut & dry to >€70 for a full color & restyle it's the bargain your hair has been waiting for. The students are close to graduation & continuously supervised, they take their time & believe me - it's worth it:) So call them on 01-6719755 today & make an appointment!!

3. French Connection stores announced their exclusive summer shopping event in association with Grazia.... log on to their website here ( and register before all the places have been snapped up! The event in Dublin is taking place in the FCUK store in Powerscourt Shopping Centre on thursday 9th April at 5pm (ish). You can bring a friend on your ticket & there's wine & finger food on the night so come along & have a look:)

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