Sunday, April 26, 2009


The Topshop sale is calling but I've decided not to give in!!! I have a few unfinished items teasing me from my sewing/knitting box which need to be dealt with; a shirt with no sleeves that also needs to be shortened, a pair of jeans that are half way to becoming a skirt & a vest that needs a kneckline so that i can start on the back!!! I've been lazy lately, watching too much tv & dossing around the house.
The weather has reverted to it's gloomy self with grey clouds hanging over the city. But it's not all bad... myself & my sister 'E' started our own little veggie/herb/flower garden in little pots in the kitchen window (onions, chives, lavender & rocket). We have tiny green shoots peeking up out of the soil now - our mum's green fingers passed on perhaps?
I'm away with work from tomorrow until Thursday evening so I think I'll be taking some time to reassess things, write a few lists & come up with some projects & deadlines..... I think some motivation is in order to get things kickstarted again:)

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