Thursday, May 21, 2009


i hope so!! a week of sunny spells and showers can have a girl confused!! the june/july forecast is for scorching temperatures - so maybe we should have our buckets out to catch all this rain if it's gonna stop on may 31st!! i've been as inconsistent as the weather - dipping in and out of projects! here's what i've been up to...

learning how to crochet - thanks Mam:)

decorating old glassware for a table centrepiece (to have some paper flowers in it soon)

i finished the front of my knitted vest - now for that back!

got the veggie garden started! we also have some sunflowers in there but i can't remember which ones they are!!!!

practicing with a few quick patterns - don't get any funny ideas - there's no chance of that!!!
a wool bowl - didn't work out exactly as planned so i'm doing some papier mache on the inside to make it a bt sturdier...

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