Saturday, May 16, 2009


The Xpose Live! show definately lived up to my expectations:)
We had a great girlie day - here are some of the highlights:
  1. Freebies: body lotions, herbal teas, magazines, Bacardi shots (at lunchtime!!), make-up tips & makeovers, hairstyling, all day fashion shows, ice-cream!!!
  2. Stalls full of discounted clothes, everyting from D&G to Armani to Gucci!
  3. Glistening jewellery, like that of Isabella Grace
  4. A new craze in handbags by Mybagalicious 'The Miche Bag' with interchangeable covers!
  5. Discounted makeup by the crate-load!!
  6. But the best bit of my day by far was my encounter with the delightful Chupi, who was amazingly kind & let me have one of her fabulous dresses for half-price (after a mix up about a ticket competition). She is definately the sweetest girl in Irish Fashion:) Here's the dress - I'll defo be posting a pic of me wearing it soon:)

A Chupi original

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