Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Wow is it really that long since i've posted anything?! It's amazing how quickly time goes past! I guess I have a good reason for being absent recently... we moved house! Yes we said 'goodbye' to our brilliant penthouse apartment and moved to a cosy house not to far down the road. Our lease was up in August so we decided to move on. We had some good times in Apt. 69 (he he he!). In the space of 4 (very tiring) days we packed up our stuff, and boy did we have alot of stuff (well, i did have the most... by far!!!). We have a spare room in the new house which is fast becoming my sewing room. We have visitors at the moment so by this weekend I'm hoping to get it all sorted out and get some ideas for some new projects. I've been invited to a wedding in Germany (sweet!) in October so I'm planning to make a cute little dress (maybe in green!). I've also enrolled for a sewing day in September so I will definately be reporting on that and will hopefully be able to tell people about my blog, and get some new blogging friends:)
My sewing machine is calling so hopefully I'll get back in the sewing seat this weekend... yipee!!!
Chat soon,
Love Lyndi **

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