Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The Scrapheap Challenge continues with a project that literally took 5 mins!

I've seen a few of these around on various crafting websites & have been trying out a few of my own in different styles... but these 2 were whipped up in no time!

A few months back my very good friend 'B' was doing a tidy out of her wardrobe and made a little package of goodies for the 'Sarah might use these for something' fund.

And right she was:)
These 2 pieces of fabric used to be part of a coat... and now they are 2 cool, eco-friendly coffee cozy's!
Lets get past the fact that you may be getting your morning life support in a paper cup to begin with & move on to the part where you use your reusable coffee cozy to stop your hand burning on the way to the office... genius?!

All you need is a piece of fabric, a button and some thread and hey presto...

The huge buttons really work well don't you think?

If you want one you know where to find me:)


  1. hi lyndi i havent visited ina ges wow you have being busy. everything looks great talk soon d

  2. oh my god sarah they are the cutest things ever..would never have thought of the bright buttons..class