Saturday, March 27, 2010


Ok, so the sun is shining outside... yes it is!!! I'm not making it up!!! It's actually starting to feel like Spring here... about time huh?!?!?!

So in honour of Spring I am putting the finishing touches to my first Spring dress of 2010:) Here's a sneak peak...

and some ruffles...

I'm hoping to get some nice photos taken tomorrow.

Also in production is a patchwork surprise for someone special!! Wink Wink Dino:P

And finally for now, I picked up the remainder of my Christmas present (yes, I said CHRISTMAS!!!!) last Saturday. This book has been on order since November 2009 with one of the biggest book shops in Dublin (who i think should be ashamed of themselves!!!). There is alot to be said for shopping online!! Anyway, now that i have it I'm itching to get stuck into it. 542 pages of crafty goodness... mmmmm!! :)

I picked up some textile paints in town yesterday! The second-hand shops on Camden St really are goldmines (3 euro for 6 pots... bargain!!)... now for some potato printing!

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