Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello everyone:)
Happy Bank Holiday weekend!!!
I took today off work so my weekend is extra looong!
I spent this morning getting lots done around the house, like a mountain of washing & ironing & organising boring things like my car tax & standing orders from the bank... zzzzzzz!!!!

But this afternoon I'm in 'Stash Bustin' mode:)
To celebrate my 100th post I've decided to have not 1 giveaway, but 3!!!
I've gone through my fabric stash & compiled 3 mini fabric stashes. Each mini stash contains a pile of fabric with pieces of various sizes. I have given a brief description of each & taken photos which you can see below.

I've called them:

1 - 'Girlie Goodness': this stash is mostly pink, hence the girlie element. It has stripes, swirles, flowers & butterflies!!! The colours also include baby blue, lilac & yellow.

2 - 'Tom Boy' : this stash includes blue & white striped fabric only... but lots of it.

3 - Sheer Fab-ric': this stash includes 2 fabric types, both are quite light & see-through, hence the name. The first is white with a red check pattern & the second is black with a white floral pattern.

All fabrics are clean & ironed. They have no marking/burns etc, but some of the pieces are cut at odd angles so you have been warned. However as this is a giveaway & they are up for grabs for free I'm sure you won't mind;)

To win, simply leave a comment on this post. Please leave your name & an email address that I can contact you on. If you have a blog please leave a link to is so that I can reference you if you win. State which fabric stash you would like to win (I would obviously love to give each stash to a different person - however I'm never sure how many people actually read my blog so if I don't get 3 winners than there may be one very happy winner!!!). I will choose winners randomly - most likely by pulling your names from a hat.
I'm putting a closing date of May 31st on this so get commenting.


  1. Woop! Free fabric? I'm in! :) Emm... which to choose...?! Sheer Fab-ric! <----love the name! (I'm so easily amused!! ^_^)

  2. Owh Gosh...such a great give away... I know how expensive things are in 'Girlie Goodness'definately make my day... :)

  3. I dont know if I could win since we're related but i really love girlie goodness..
    (since people say not to put your personal details on the net ill just say im your cousin who loves your patterns and sewing!)