Thursday, April 8, 2010


I've come across a few great bargains lately so I thought I'd share...

When I was in Glasgow in February I picked up this oversized skirt for 10 pounds. I fell in love with the floral print & I really hope there is enough material there for a summer dress!

I was in town a few weekends ago & happened to be lucky enough to be passing Oxfam on Georges St when everything in the shop was being sold off for 1 euro... yes 1 euro per item... even the vintage section!!! :) I sharpened by elbows & dove in.... only to pull out this huge skirt with the most brilliant pink tartan print! Destined to become a dress of some sorts I think:)

And on another 'bargain hunt' I pulled this great piece of fabric from the bargain bin in Lucy's Lounge (thanks Dee!!). It's purple with a silver sheen on one side & pink on the other... hmmm, so many patterns, so little time!!!

Yipee it's Friday tomorrow... definately gonna fit in some sewing at some stage over the weekend!
Hope you have a great one!

Also, hello to my cousin Barbara who has come on board as a new Irish fashion designer.... always room for more of those:) She has already sewn a skirt & is moving onto a tunic... when I get the pattern to her! Well done Barbara, & keep up the sewing!!

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  1. oh i looooove that floral... is it a maxi skirt? if it is, i beg you to try it with a tank & a chunky necklace before cutting! i'm envious.

    love your pretty summer dress too!