Monday, May 3, 2010


I had a few different titles for this post like 'Say Hi to my new friend' or 'A great bank holiday weekend'... but I decided to go with 'Floral Blouse' as I think the focus should be on the newest addition to my wardrobe. Isn't she a beauty?!

I used this material to make my mam a shirt for Christmas a while back & thought i'd use the remainder of it to make myself a blouse too. I love the small floral design. It's polycotton so it's really soft & easy to work with.

I used the JJ pattern from As with most of their patterns I downloaded it ages ago with great intentions of making it asap.... me & my good intentions eh?!

Hurray for the long weekend as I actually had enough time to start & finish a project - it was spread out over 3 days but when i was hammering the stud closings onto it at 5pm this evening I was smiling to myself at a job well done :) (thank you Eva for the studs - great present - remember?)

So here she is in all her glory... my new blouse... & my new model!!
Let me introduce you to Cindy. I spied her at a pop-up flea market in Andrews Lane Car Park on Sunday & I fell in love. She was modelling a beautiful 60's yellow dress, but I decided that if I gave her a good home she'd help me make some beautiful clothes & I wasn't wrong! I don't know why I left it so long to invest in a dress-form... she's the bee's knees!!! I called her Cindy because she will be modelling all my new clothes but she will never get to go to the ball (like Cinderella)... a bit sad really:(

I made a few changes to the pattern. The blouse I made my mam had a smaller collar that made it look more oriental, so I halved the size of this collar too. It made the collar the same size as the front strip that the studs are on so I think it made it tidier looking.

I decided to leave it without sleeves, for a few reasons. Firstly, I don't like making them; second, I was in a lazy mood & third, I didn't have enough fabric. Personally I think the style of the blouse looks better without them (!!). I did however make my own bias binding for the sleeve edges so I'm pretty proud of that (another thing I'm not to fond of making!).

Here are the snap/stud closings (I never know what to call them). My sister bought me these as part of a present ages ago & they were perfect for the blouse... mainly because I do not like making button holes & I only had one white fabric covered button in my stash:P
Everything worked out well & I can't wait to wear my new blouse:)

Hope you had a great weekend too:)

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  1. if you need some refills for your studs get your order in quick before I bust a move from this place and no longer have the wonderful world of John Lewis haberdashery on my doorstep