Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Innocent Smoothies in association with Age Action Ireland have launched the 'Innocent Big Knit'. Irelands knitters have been asked to knit little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles, and for every smoothie that is sold with a little hat, Innocent donate 25cent to Age Action Ireland, to help keep older people warm this winter.

I couldn't resist getting involved. I was walking down Camden St last week and saw a mini clothes line in one of the charity shops with the little hats hanging on it... SO cute!!!!

I'm off into town tomorrow to join one of the knitting groups for a few hours to knock out some more cute little hats, like these ones I have knitted already....

So if you have some spare wool & some spare time get involved. The link above has all the details you need & the Big Knit is open until 8th September. They need 80,000 hats and are at 10,000 already, but every little hat helps:)

Happy knitting,
Love Lyndi xx

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