Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Technically this is not a 2nd hand shop alteration as my sister gave me the shirt... but I saved it from becoming a 2nd hand shop item so I'm counting it as one:)  The shirt is pretty basic; blue with a white stripe & long cuffed sleeves.

I liked the idea of adding lace to it as I thought it would compliment the stripe in the material.

Firstly I removed the collar flap.  I wanted the collar to stand out more and it now does... literally!
Then I removed both sleeves and added lace to the arm holes.  I used the sleeve material to make a wide obi-style belt & used one of the cuffs as a centre piece detail on the belt.  Overall I am very pleased with the result.  I think it's pretty & wearable.  Hopefully a customer will think so too :D  (As a bonus I wasted very little of the material and most of my waste was unpicked thread!!)

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