Wednesday, June 1, 2011


An unforseen circumstance (one of my housemates working from home in my usual work space) has meant no sewing for me today :( On a happy note I have had time to make a plan of action for the next few weeks :) (& catch up on Fringe Season 3... OMG how amazing is that programme?!?!)

1. My skirt projects have been coming along nicely. I've been very dedicated with these projects & have even done out worksheets for each skirt with ideas, sketches, fabric swatches and patterns used. I will post about them probably tomorrow as it is a bit dark now to be taking photos.

2. My sister has commissioned some summer dresses. We still have to iron out the specifics but I have been sketching some ideas & variations down on paper & going through my photo folders for inspiration. Amateur sketches below, don't freak out Eva :P

3. I follow a variety of sewing, fashion & general crafting blogs on a daily basis. Today I was inspired by Grosgrain blog about a new series of posts she is planning. Entitled 'from semi-scratch sewing', she will be taking small details of patterns (sleeves, neckline, pleats, tucks etc) & applying it to her thrift shop (2nd hand shop for us Irish peeps) finds. I LOVE 2nd hand shopping & have picked up a variety of goodies, including some great pieces from my recent trip to Oz. They have been sitting around waiting to be altered, loved & added to my wardrobe. Grosgrain has inspired me to follow suit & make them into the wearable items I want them to be. It will also be a good opportunity to practice some things I haven't done before... like inseam pockets, peter pan collars & sleeves in general. Below are some of the items I will be working on:

4. An exciting opportunity has arisen for me regarding a shop in Dublin, my creations, a sewing space & me... but more about that later.... ;)

Happy hump-day... & don't forget about the clothes swap in May Fly tomorrow evening & 6pm,
Love Lyndi

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