Monday, August 8, 2011


This majorly funky skirt used to be a young girls dress!
I found it while doing some of my best pilfering in Lucy's Lounge**.
Not my most elaborate upcycling effort (added an elastic waistband)... but I think the skirt is loud enough without adding anything else to the mix.
It sold hot off the rack yesterday morning to a beautiful american girl... she tried it on & gave us a twirl.  She left the shop and me delighted & buzzing for the rest of the day :D

Upcycled funky skirt from girls dress

Close up of amazing detail & lace hem

** if you don't know by now (shame on you!!!) Lucy's Lounge is located in the basement of the big pink building on Fownes Street Temple Bar.  It is one of the oldest and definately one of the best second hand & vintage shops in Dublin.  Go for a pilfer yourself & I dare you to come out emptyhanded!!!!! :D

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