Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am 2 weeks into my course already (OMG, where has that time gone?!), so I thought I'd let you know how things are going!  For those of you who don't know (not many I suppose, as it's all I've been talking about for the past few months!), I have begun a 2 year Fashion Design course at Sallynoggin College of Further Education.  It is a FETAC level 5 (year 1) and level 6 (year 2) course which this year is recognised as a stepping stone for people looking to continue on to NCAD or Limerick Design College or the like.
 My subjects include art (!!!), art appreciation (great), work experience (scary), communications (pointless), pattern making (brilliant) and dressmaking (after we make the patterns!).  I have 2.5 days of patternmaking & dressmaking which is brilliant, with 1 full day of art & portfolio support material. 
So far it is interesting & already the assignments have started to pile up!  Last Monday we had a whole day of art... which is totally new to me.  We had to choose a natural item to inspire us, this item is then used throughout the year... we sketch it, paint it, use its texture, colour, etc to create a portfolio to support our patternmaking class & ultimately our dressmaking projects.  If we progress sufficiently, at the end of 1st year we get to put 3 items (max) into the end of year fashion show (which the 2nd years produce & show their collections in)... eek!!!
The item I chose is seaweed... yes seaweed!!! (Rachel I can hear you laughing :P).  After a challenging hour or so trying to excavate some of the bloody stuff from Killiney beach I was delighted with my finds.  It has an amazing texture - which is ultimately what I am interested in (more on that later!) and when I hold it up to the light it has this rich orange/red/copper colour mixed with olive greens & tones of purple... so much to work with - I love it! 
I have to admit, my most challenging subject is art, I may be precise & annoyingly accurate in pattern making class but art seems to evade me.  I'll be relieved to turn out a portfolio that has anything to do with my end of year pieces, but who knows - I might surprise myself!!
I have decided to document my progress a little on my blog (hope nobody minds?!) so you can all have a chuckle at my abstract art & be constructively critical of my sewing :D
First up... my 6 page book inspired by some art we did last Monday in class.  No guidance whatsoever from the teacher on what she wanted to be presented with tomorrow... so this is mine in all its glory... no supporting text, see what you think!!!!!

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