Sunday, October 30, 2011


How exciting, mid term break already! That means 9 days off college.... time to make a 'To Do List'.

But first a college update.  Things are progressing nicely.  I have made the block and pattern for my skirt which will be coming to life after mid term.  Taking inspiration from my artwork I have to settle on a final design, choose my fabric and notions and get sewing :D  At the same time I have to be thinking about the fabric for my blouse and possibly a jacket & trousers (if I can sew fast enough, and prove to my teacher that I can do it all in the allotted time).

We finished up our accessory project before the break.  I was taken by the hand embroidery we practiced in class and decided to use it in my accessory.  I designed a headband to be worn with a evening gown.

Yes, that is all hand embroidery and yes it did take AGES!!! It is designed to be worn to the side over one ear.  I'm delighted with the result.  I also designed a presentation box including photos I took of Killiney beach.

I'm taking a breather over the bank holiday weekend and then plan to get things rolling on Tuesday, stay tuned for updates :)

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