Thursday, January 19, 2012


 I have a module at college called 'Combined Materials' and it's a weird one.  It's like a cross between the 80's kids programme 'Make & Do with Mary Fitzgerald' and a load of pretentious twaddle, accessorised with a diamante here and a strategically placed scorch mark there.... and hey's unique & interesting!!!  A few weeks ago we spent a whole day making felt balls, which were then to be used to make a piece of jewellery of our choice.  Below are my beautiful felt balls ;) 

 And here is my jewellery.  I made a necklace and earring set.  I'm pretty happy with the result..... but I just want to say that if I wanted to make jewellery... I'd be a jewellery designer, not a clothing designer!!!!

Coming up we have a 't-shirt project' and NO, we are not 'making' the tshirt, we are upcycling one!  Which is all well and good but I can do that myself on a rainy saturday!   I mean if we were drafting the pattern for a tshirt, making it and incorporating designs into it that weould be different!  
Wow am I grumpy today!  The fact that I have to finish off my skirt project tomorrow by 4pm and then move house after college doesn't help :( Moan Moan Moan!!! :P

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