Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This strange item has been hanging around my upcycle pile for some time now.  I have no idea how it got there... I'm guessing I picked it up at a clothes swap cuz I liked the pattern?!
I've been looking for some material (but nothing too precious) to test out the latest free pattern I have acquired from the blogesphere (Colette Patterns Sorbetto Pattern)... a cute sleeveless vest, very simple to make & can be made from under a metre of fabric!
I left out the front pleat to save even more fabric & thankfully the pattern pieces fit perfectly onto the back & front of this smock top.  I made bias binding from the sleeves and left some of the nice detail on the neckline... easy peasy!!

the original item... is it a kaftan?!

i like the pattern, tho it shows up a bit brighter in the photo


close up of front


bias binding for armholes & neckline, made from sleeves of original top

neck detail left from original material

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