Saturday, September 29, 2012


So here it is... (a few changes but happy that this is the path I want to take)

Moodboard - Sustainable Design AW 2012

Written Proposal for art project/collection theme/concept for the year

Title:  Sustainable Design

Theme: Sustainability in fashion

I am hoping to make my collection from deconstructed clothing / materials that are second hand / preloved / already worn. i.e. I am not planning on buying my fabrics off the roll from fabric shops. 

Reason: I feel strongly about fast fashion and the role it plays in the fashion industry.  I believe that it has removed some of the personality from clothing and means that we do not invest in our wardrobes as financially and emotionally as previous generations did.  I would like the chance to show that garments which may be considered past their best can be reworked and redesigned and with a little imagination they can be re-loved all over again.

Primary and secondary sources for drawing and artwork

There are many facets of nature that display evidence of sustainability.  A striking visual demonstration of this can be seen in autumn when the countryside turns from green to wonderful shades of yellows, golds, browns and purples as nature prepares for winter.

My primary sources of inspiration for my art class are the leaves of deciduous plants as they transform colours over the season.

Secondary sources include photo documentation of this gradual change in the colours of the countryside viewed from the obelisk on Killiney Hill, Co. Dublin.

My visualisation of my collection encompasses contemporary day and evening wear featuring fabrics I have dyed with natural hand-made dyes.

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