Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I started back at college yesterday (2nd year) & by lunchtime we were half way through drafting a coat block!  We drafted our trouser block today & spent a few hours discussing our end of year collection, then rounded off the day with a 2 hour crash course in Adobe Illustrator.  Whew, I'm glad I have tomorrow off ;) 

Speaking of 'end of year collection'... I have set myself a challenge for this year (yes I know, I can never do things the easy way!!).  I am hoping to make my collection from clothing/materials that are second hand / preloved / already worn.  i.e. I am not planning on buying my fabrics off the roll from fabric shops.

The theme of my collection & possibly the name of it is 'Trash to Treasure', meaning that I would like to take what some people consider trash (not worthy of being in their wardrobes anymore) and turn it into something new, eyecatching, elegant & wearable, i.e. something to treasure a second time around.

I am hoping to make a womens trouser suit, a dress, and a blouse & skirt combo.

As part of my project I am tracing the history of the pieces of clothing/materials that I use in my collection so if you have something you just can't bring yourself to give to charity & would love to see revamped into something new & exciting, now is the time to donate:)  I promise all donations & donatees will be credited.
I have already received a generous donation of a pair of maroon baby-corduroy curtains (thanks Aoife!!) and would like to take this opportunity to open the floor to any other donations.

I'm excited to get started & plan to blog/facebook as much as I can about my progress!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post,
Love Sarah

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