Friday, January 4, 2013



Hello there & happy new year to you all.
I have been dreading this post as my 2012 style challenge was essentially a fail:(

The challenge was as follows:
- to not buy any brand new clothes, shoes or accessories in 2012 (except for underwear, socks and tights) Oh SALES how I hate/love you so:(  In my defense I bought most of my sale items in second hand shops... which doesn't make me feel as bad
- to upcycle the clothes in my upcycle stash and to document this on my blog - I did a little bit of upcycling as I remember, but somehow my upcycle stash still seems to be overflowing
- to use fabric in my stash to make clothes as needed (can buy lining and notions to compliment fabric) I made a lovely black pencil skirt, a pink peplum top and a navy and white pokladot top
- to make at least one pair of trousers/shorts in 2012 Yes well this didn't happen!  I am however starting a pattern for a pair of trousers when I go back to college next week wo when I have a little bit more confidence I hope to whip up a pair for myself
- allowed to spend 60 euro in vintage/charity shops during the year (document purchases on blog) I liked this part of the challenge and as I sit here writing this I'm wearing my purchase from January/February last lear - a pair of combat style skinny jeans for 10 euro, a total steal and I wear them ALOT!
- allowed aquire clothes via clothes swaps, hand-me-downs and gifts ie: birthday I picked up a few nice things at clothes swaps over the year, including a pair of dark green wool sailor style pants from Topshop.... which are in my upcycle pile (ahem).
Oh well, I tried pretty hard and I'm proud of myself for doing this.  What's life without a challenge?
I really love the fact that I can sit down and make myself clothes when I put my mind to it and I plan to make alot more in 2013.....  I never thought I'd be able to say that and it makes me happy :D


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