Friday, January 17, 2014


January is traditionally a time to cast out the bad habits of the last year and make hopeful resolutions to reflect what you intend to achieve in the upcoming year….. but of course we all know that is rubbish & by now everyone has forgotten their drunken hopes of January 1st and that hibernation, red wine & lots of Netflix are still on the menu!

In an effort to brighten up my January; which seems to be a never-ending cloud of grey that hangs over Dublin every day!!, I have decided to make a few 'Fashion Resolutions', which we all know are a lot more fun than lying to yourself about joining a gym or cutting down on coffee!!

1. Inspired by which is one of my favourite blogs, I am hoping to take part in their 'Wardrobe Architect - Designing and Building Thoughtful Attire'.  I have added the button to my blog with the link to their site and the article in an effort to remind me when I log in.
I hope to plan, design and create items for my wardrobe that will work on their own and also help pull outfits together for me.  They will be true to my style and be made with fabrics that I love.
Also, in an effort to keep cost at a minimum, they will be made (as much as possible) from the fabric in my stash!

2. I am going to keep a design journal.  This is going to be my place to doodle, design, plan, plot, make lists and stick inspiration. This got underway yesterday with some designs inspired by the beautiful dresses at this years Golden Globes!

3. I will continue to grow and add unique pieces to my new jewellery collection.  (A post on this to follow soon)

4. As usual, I hope to update my blog as much as possible!

Happy new year everyone,

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