Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wardrobe architect week 1: Making Style more personal

-what is individuality? 
- how am I different and how does this reflect in my style identity? 

This weeks questions centre around defining my personal style. Lots of factors influence our style; historic events, family values, culture, location and our bodies are a few. 

I had a creative influence in my family from a very early age... My mother.  In the early 80s she was what you would call today a 'stay at home mum' or as she likes to put it ' a domestic engineer'!! 

She was (and still is) most things to my siblings and I; cook, cleaner, disciplinarian, tutor and nurse and nurturer.  I believed there was nothing she could not do.  ( I kinda still believe it 😋) 

My mother influenced my personal style in ways I did not realise.  She taught me how to sew using her industrial strength Singer which sounded like a tractor in the kitchen!  She showed me how to knit and I was the girl knitting a jumper for school when everyone else was knitting blanket squares.  

I was raised in a culture of 'make, do & mend' which is something I still practise. We didn't throw our clothes away when they were torn or out of style, we fixed them or passed them on to other family members to be loved again. 
I believe this has been a large influence on my dislike in general for 'fast-fashion' & my love of finding a bargain in a charity shop 😆

Other factors that influence my style are: 
Location: Ireland is definitely a place for layers, and I much prefer autumn clothing to summer clothing. 
Body: by the age of 33 I am comfortable in my own skin. I know which styles suit me & which ones don't. I know that I'm short and have hips. I know that I am a size 10 on top and a size 12 on the bottom 😜  and I love that I know that, because I can make clothes that suit me, with fabrics that I like, and I know that nobody will have them except me ❤️✂️

Below: Mam will kill me for this but here's a pic of us 9 years ago when I made her a cute summer blouse! 

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