Friday, January 30, 2015

Wardrobe Architect Week 3: Exploring Shape

What is shape?  

In fashion designers terms it refers to 'style lines'.

- is the garment body-con or loose and flowing?
- is the neckline high, low or off the shoulder?
- does the waistline sit on the natural waistline, is it low rise or high-waisted?

Rating shapes for my wardrobe:


Yes                       No

high v                 low v
boatneck            u-shape
cowl                   turtleneck
square                halter
off-shoulder       strapless


Yes                      No

sleeveless          sleeveless
spagetti strap     spagetti strap
short                  bell shape
above elbow
3/4 length

I know straight away by looking at clothes if I will wear them or not.  But when I'm designing something I try to be a bit more openminded about the design.  Some style lines appear on both my Yes and No lists above... the reason for that being that I would or wouldn't wear them depending on what the garment was like.  For example, I would wear spagetti straps on a summer camisole but i'd be unlikely to wear them on a maxi dress.  (I'm a complicated spagetti strap wearer!!!)

To sum up my favourite shapes/style lines I would have to go with
- 50's inspired
- 60's inspired-
- covering the top of my arms
- knee length skirts
- necklines that are not too low
- cinched at the waistline (natural or high waisted)

Below are some photos I pinned to my style lines board to help with the exercise

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