Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wardrobe Architect Week 4: Building Silhouettes

This week I explore silhouettes... Which ones I wear, which are my favourites and which ones I will be using to help plan my capsule wardrobe. 

I have come up with 8 basic silhouettes that I like, wear and inspired by: 
1. Top with cardigan and skinny jeans 
2. Loose top with boyfriend jeans
3. Shirt and high waisted jeans
4. Dress with flare in sleeve and skirt
5. 60s inspired shift dress
6. Blouse and pencil skirt 
7. Loose jumper and cigarette pants
8. Fitted dress with small flare in skirt

Below are two of my favourite silhouettes.  I wear these regularly and feel comfortable in them.  I believe they suit my body shape and I have many items of clothing that can make them up in various combinations. 

1. Camisole/tshirt/top with cardigan/blazer/shirt and skinny jeans/cigarette pants

2. Boxy shaped 60s inspired dress

There are clearly some silhouettes missing from my brainstorming, for example; anything bodycon, anything above the knee, anything very low cut or full length and flowing.  Personally I don't like or feel comfortable in those styles and I don't feel like they suit my body shape. This project is as much about embracing what you don't like as what you do like and I think that's a great feature of it. 

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