Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 5 & 6: My colour story & organising my colour palette

Colour is part of the language of clothing. 

'A colour palette creates an outward expression of moods, feelings and reactions that you want to convey' 

I agree with this statement by Colette Patterns.  Colour plays a huge part in my clothing choices.  I wear a black uniform to work so when I'm not working I like to wear as much colour as possible.  I'm not saying I look like a rainbow on my downtime... But I do like a pop of colour, especially deep pinks and coral reds.  However much of the colour in my wardrobe comes from patterns and prints... This is work for week 7 so now I'm going to try to focus on my favourite solid colours. 

My colour palette centres around what I consider to be my neutrals: 
Denim blues

And colours that feature heavily in my wardrobe: 

There are many colours missing from my my brainstorming above; there are colours that I don't wear at all: Browns, nudes and baby pinks are some. I feel like these colours do not suit my skin tone & make me look washed out.

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